Please note that Appleby Brewery are leaving the stables in Morland on October 31st. 

We would like to thank those of you that came in for a drink or patronised our shop in the two years we were in the village. Your support was truly appreciated. 


Welcome to Appleby Brewery.


We are one of Cumbria's newest micro-breweries, and are currently brewing from temporary premises.  As a consequence we are unfortunately, not able to offer brewery tours at the present time.



We produce craft cask conditioned and bottled ales and started brewing operations in on March 25th 2015


For further information, please email Fred Mills on admin(at)applebybrewery(dot)co(dot)uk.


You can order cases of 12 x 500ml bottles of any combination of our beers for delivery by mail order. Order 12 Bottles, in any combination of your choosing and we will ship them to you. 

Select 12 bottles in any combination and we will ship them to you (UK Mainland only).




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