That's what you call an Old Ale!

In the UK, one of the beer types that is less commonly found nowadays is the 'Old Ale'.  Typically, an Old Ale type is a beer with an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) value of 5% or greater and is usually hark brown or Dark Red in colour.

However, when the Egyptian pyramids were explored, they found traces of malted barley inside, along with other artefacts.  As you will know, Malted Barley is the primary constituent of ale.  It seems that, as long ago as 550 BC people wanted to send their pharaohs into the next world with the ability to make a good beer to fortify them for the journey.

We do not know the style of beers they might have made but, irrespective of colour or ABV, i think it is fair to say they were very Old Ales!

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Saturday, 24 February 2018