Vanya Yam 4% IPA

Vanya Yam is the fifth and latest addition to our range.  It is a light 4% India Pale Ale (IPA).

Vanya Yam was conceived as part of a Team Building exercise during some Corporate training we did for Eden Mencap.  Eden Mencap are trying to buy their building in Penrith and have a "Help us buy our home" appeal running.  During their team building training, they were split into three teams who each had to devise and create a beer brand and then pitch it to some of our customers.  Vanya Yam is Cumbrian Dialect for 'Almost Home' and we are donating a percentage of all Vanya Yam profits to their appeal.  As a consequence, we can help Eden Mencap get from 'Vanya Yam' to all the way home.


Vanya Yam is a golden Ale with a delightful Hoppy taste and aroma.  The classic IPA hoppy mouth feel is followed by a wonderfully, slightly citrus finish.  At 4% ABV, it is an ideal beer for any occasion and a treat for the taste buds.


We deliver by mail order cases of any 12 bottles.

Haweswater Blonde Golden Ale

The newest addition to our stable. Named from the lake that provides the brewery's water, Haweswater Blonde is a light (3.6% ABV), refreshing Golden Ale.

Guranteed to quench your thirst and leaving you wanting another, Haweswater Blonde is currently available in casks (9G Firkins and 4.5G Pins) only. 



Haweswater Blonde Golden Ale

Senior Moment

Senior Moment is our 3.9% Best Bitter  We chose this name because we found that, increasingly, we were describing our daily actions as being caused by Senior Moments.

Senior Moment is a classic British Bitter Ale.  We use Fuggle Hops early in the boil to provide the characteristic bitter taste of the classic English Ale, and some Kent Goldings later in the process to give a slight hoppy aroma.  Wheats are used as well as classic barley malts for a lovely mouth-feel as well as to aid head retention and give the lovely 'tidemarks' as the glass empties.

This is a bitter which is as English as John Bull, riding a Triumph motorcycle along the White Cliffs of Dover whilst eating Cheddar Cheese!


A Senior Moment is not an age thing, it's a state of mind!


When you are next in the pub, tell your friends you are having yet another Senior Moment, it will explain anything you do or say thereafter.



Middle-Aged Spread

Middle-Aged Spread seemed to be an ideal name for a beer which goes under the classification 'Stout'.

It is dark, nutty, chocolatty and rich, perfect for winter firesides.

Here is our tribute to the waters of the Liffey.  Although we are in the foothills of the Northern Pennines, here we  emulate Dublin water to bring you a full-bodied Black Stout.  Lightly hopped, here the taste comes from the use of Dark Crystal, Acid and Chocolate Malts which combine to make a Stout that is full-bodied, rich and satisfying. AT 5.2% ABV, Middle-Aged Spread is the strongest beer we make but the strength is not just measured in alcohol content for this is a beer that is bursting with taste.  It is bitter (in a good way) and gives a taste designed to be savoured and enjoyed.

So, the next time someone says they think you are getting a Middle-Aged Spread, the only correct response is "Good idea, I think I will".





Midlife Crisis




Whilst not as hoppy as some of the new 'uber-hoppy' US IPA's, Midlife Crisis certainly packs its punch if hop taste and aroma are your thing


We chose this name because it seemed apt for our first beer.

I had spent a lifetime trying to decide what I wanted to be when I 'grew up'.   I had run my own businesses before, in Management Consulting and Management Training.  I knew I like business, but business in what?

Then, at the noble age of 54, I had an epiphany.  I liked business and I liked real ale. Thus the decision was made to start my own brewery.  Mid-Life Crisis seemed like the perfect name for my first Ale.

 Try one.  Then, try another, tell your friends that you are already onto your second Mid-Life Crisis!







Horse Fair Pale Ale

We are proud to have made the brewery's home in the lovely town of Appleby in Westmorland.

Every June, the traveller community from all around the UK, Ireland and beyond, come together in Appleby for the annual Horse Fair.

it is one of the biggest days in the traveller community's calendar and has made Appleby famous around the world. 

To commemorate the Fair, we introduce you to our light, golden Summer Ale, perfect for those (hopefully) long Summer evenings.


Horse fair is a perfect beer for summer.  It is light in colour, thanks to the use of mostly Pale Malts and, at 3.6% ABV, it is eminently drinkable.  Despite it having a lower gravity than our other beers, it certainly packs a taste punch, thanks to extensive 'Dry-hopping' during the fermentation process.  As a consequence, this is a light, drinkable, yet hoppy beer which give citrus-like flavours and a refreshing edge


So, if you find yourself 'up our way' this summer, you can enjoy Horse Fair without even leaving the pub, you don't even have to wash your horse in the river!


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