We are proud to have made the brewery's home in the lovely town of Appleby in Westmorland.

Every June, the traveller community from all around the UK, Ireland and beyond, come together in Appleby for the annual Horse Fair.

it is one of the biggest days in the traveller community's calendar and has made Appleby famous around the world. 

To commemorate the Fair, we introduce you to our light, golden Summer Ale, perfect for those (hopefully) long Summer evenings.


Horse fair is a perfect beer for summer.  It is light in colour, thanks to the use of mostly Pale Malts and, at 3.6% ABV, it is eminently drinkable.  Despite it having a lower gravity than our other beers, it certainly packs a taste punch, thanks to extensive 'Dry-hopping' during the fermentation process.  As a consequence, this is a light, drinkable, yet hoppy beer which give citrus-like flavours and a refreshing edge


So, if you find yourself 'up our way' this summer, you can enjoy Horse Fair without even leaving the pub, you don't even have to wash your horse in the river!