Vanya Yam is the fifth and latest addition to our range.  It is a light 4% India Pale Ale (IPA).

Vanya Yam was conceived as part of a Team Building exercise during some Corporate training we did for Eden Mencap.  Eden Mencap are trying to buy their building in Penrith and have a "Help us buy our home" appeal running.  During their team building training, they were split into three teams who each had to devise and create a beer brand and then pitch it to some of our customers.  Vanya Yam is Cumbrian Dialect for 'Almost Home' and we are donating a percentage of all Vanya Yam profits to their appeal.  As a consequence, we can help Eden Mencap get from 'Vanya Yam' to all the way home.


Vanya Yam is a golden Ale with a delightful Hoppy taste and aroma.  The classic IPA hoppy mouth feel is followed by a wonderfully, slightly citrus finish.  At 4% ABV, it is an ideal beer for any occasion and a treat for the taste buds.


We deliver by mail order cases of any 12 bottles.